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Web Hosting Contracts

If you are setting up an online business or website, you need to protect that website by taking all the steps you can to safeguard your intellectual property and your data, ensuring that your website will remain fully functional. Therefore, it is imperative that you insist on a hosting contract with your internet service providers which outlines what you should expect from them and clarifies any restrictions placed upon you.

Business Lawyers Direct is experienced in negotiating web hosting contracts which protect small businesses. To speak to a senior solicitor, 0333 777 8003 or use our online enquiry form

What Should a Hosting Contract Contain?

You should expect your web hosting contract to cover:

  • Storage space
  • Bandwidth
  • Backup of data
  • Technical support
  • Security of data
  • Restrictions on types of content allowed
  • Fees
  • Downtime and any remuneration in the event of downtime
  • Confidentiality
  • Copyright ownership
  • Length of the contract
  • Process for ending the contract/moving to a new host

Our goal is to ensure that you own all of your own content and data, that your website and databases are backed up regularly and protected, and that you are covered in the event that your hosting company suffers a loss of service, your website is hacked or any of your data is lost. We will also strive to get you the best possible terms for the cost of the service and length of the contract.

Why Choose Business Lawyers Direct?

Quite simply, we will provide you all the knowledge and experience of a top law firm with all the care and attention you would get from a small business at an extremely competitive price. Furthermore, your case will always be handled by a senior solicitor.

Call Business Lawyers Direct today on or contact us via our online enquiry form and one of our senior solicitors will be pleased to discuss your requirements.

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